Here is a selection of international press we gratefully received while La Petite Mort Gallery was in operation for 10 great years, from 2005 – 2015.

Thank you to the global press, reporters, bloggers, art lovers & to the public for your support.



2005 – 2015


The New York Times, Lens: featuring Tony Fouhse

British Journal of Photography, Face Value: The Portrait Issue Tony Fouhse, Vol.158 No.7794

The National Post, The perfect spot for a porno shoot? by Sarah Boesveld, January 2011

News Week Japan, Picture Power: Photographs by Tony Fouhse, September 2009

Magazine-RG, Aimer Les Enfants Terribles, by Jordan Arseneault, Vol. 30 No. 347

Magazine RG, James Huctwith Et Memory Night En Finir Avec Les Concessions, by Jordan Arseneault, Vol. 30 No. 347

Capital Xtra Hero Awards, Achievement in the Arts: Guy Berube & La Petite Mort Gallery, 2005

Where Ottawa Magazine, Hot Art: Works in Progress, July 2008

Guerilla Magazine, Beautiful subversion in Inked Kenny: Guy Berube is feeling a bit misunderstood, March 16 2009

The Charlatan, Opinions/Editorial: Get porn out of windows

Les Cahiers du theatre francais, Graffiti and Door (“Famous”), by Paul Politis, January 2008

The Charlatan, Putting the ‘ink’ in ‘kink’, by Brittany Mahaney, May 2009

The Charlatan, X-rated window for Festival X, by Elizabeth Aho, Vol.38 Issue 8, 2008

The Ottawa Citizen, Nothing Pretty Here, Peter Simpson, Sept. 6th, 2012.

The Ottawa Citizen, Art in a Moment in Time, Peter Simpson, July 2012.

The Ottawa Citizen, Art: Images of rage and fear

The Ottawa Citizen, Brushstrokes and drum beats, by Bruce Deachman, January 2009

The Ottawa Citizen, Give you the Willies, by Peter Simpson, January 2011

The Ottawa Citizen, Ride Me: The Art of Urban Transport, July 2008

The Ottawa Citizen, Tattoo: no longer a mark of rebellion, by Paul Gessell, July 2009

The Ottawa Citizen, Get to the Point, by Bruce Deachman, July 2009

The Ottawa Citizen, The power of the street lens and pen help an ‘invisible’ poet get seen, by Kelly Egan, June 2008

The Ottawa Citizen, Vigilante targets ‘Crazzy Dave’, by Kelly Egan, May 2008

The Ottawa Citizen, Crack: We’re all like them, October 2008

The Ottawa Citizen, Sex, truth and photography, by Paul Gessell, September 2009

City of Ottawa, The Karsh Award 2010, Tony Foushe

Clin d’oeil, Hype Komorov, by Marianne Thornton, December 2009 

Dharma Arts, Unraveling an Urban Legend: Gallerist Guy Berube, by Rhiannan Vogl, 2008

Arte Pittura, Erotropop. Le nuove frontiere dell’hard, by Alessandro Riva, 2001 

Art Essay, Guy Berube and Peter Schmelzer

University of Ottawa’s Fulcrum, The beautiful decay of fine art: The pervasive-art movement hits the capital, by Emily Lam, Vol. 6 No.2, September 2007

Magazine Etre, Guy Berube ou le Succes d’un Autodidacte, by Antoine Aubert, Vol.15 No.07, November 2010

FAB Magazine 2008, Artistically Hung: Artists Meet Underwear, photos by Wingo Du, August 2008

FOCUS: Fine Art Photography Magazine, Richard Austin, December 2007

University of Ottawa’s Fulcrum, Revolution personified, by Megan O’Meara, November 2008

The Globe, The price of art? A piece of flesh, by Nadja Sayej, December 2008

Guerilla, Search for the whispering Eros, by Kirk Finken 

Guerilla, Beautiful subversion in Inked Kenny, March 2009

Hero Awards 2008, Guy Berube & La Petite Mort Gallery

Interior Design, office: working late? 

Lokalirri Magazine, Polla Generacion & Pequena Muerte, by Alexandre Bis Dufoix, April 2011

Lokalirri Magazine, Bite Generation & Petite Mort, by Zachari Logan, April 2011

CV88, Visage / Faces: JJ Levine, Tony Fouhse, Martin Schoeller, by Emily Falvey, spring/summer 2011

Mirror Magazine, Royal aka Juan Carlos Noria aka Dixon, words by Natalia and photography by Aaron Mackenzie

The Ottawa Citizen, Mural under fire, by Kelly Egan, August 2011

Ottawa Magazine: Best of Summer, Blockbuster Events & Quirky Workshops, by Paul Gessell, summer 2011

The Ottawa Citizen, Whitney Lewis-Smith brings death to life, by Peter Simpson, April 2011

The Ottawa Citizen, When Fools are about, Y complain? by Caroline Philips, January 2011

The Ottawa Citizen, Why La Petite Mort is the best gallery for porn movies in Ottawa…UPDATED, with more porn movie titles! by Peter Simpson, January 2011

The Ottawa Citizen, Japan fundraiser art sale tonight (Saturday) at La Petite Mort, by Peter Simpson, March 2011

Pop Culture Gatineau, Insomnie et autres désastres, by Guillaume Moffet, March 2011

Arte Pittura, Postsurrealismo alla Escalmel, by Alessandro Riva, c. 2003 

Preston Catalogue, still young, still curious – over 300 pages of exploration: featuring La Petite Mort Gallery

The Preston Catalogue, Andrew Balfour and Sherry Tompalski, No. 9 

The Taste Makers, Guy Berube: La Petite Mort Gallery, by Paul Gessel photos by Remi Theriualt, February/March 2010 

The Ottawa Citizen, A shark in the snow…, by Peter Simpson, December 2011

upfront Magazine, CULTUREshockart: Don’t Look Away: coming face-to-face with your not-so-evil twin(s), by Ashly Dyck, September 2009, issue #37

upfront Magazine, there’s horror outside, by Morgan A Cook, April 2009, issue #32

upfront Magazine, CULTUREshockart: Adopting the Wretch – Judy Wambera and the stuff nightmares are made of, by Derrick Ruston, November 2009, issue #39

vie des arts, OTTAWA: Tony Fouhse, User, Winter 2008-2008, No. 209 

Welcome to the Hermit Kingdom, Jean-Frederic Beauchesne 

where Magazine, Work in Progress: La Petite Mort Gallery, July 2o08

Porter – The Journal of Porter Airlines, Ottawa: La Petite Mort Gallery, by Earl Miller, Fall/Winter 2007, issue two 

Porter- The Journal of Porter Airlines, See: La Petite Mort Gallery & Residents: Guy Berube, Nov/Dec 2011. issue eighteen

WW NEWS, Outside WW, February 2011

Ottawa-X-Press Magazine, STREET WISE: Argentine Art in Ottawa, visual arts by Jean-Philippe Deneault 

Ottawa-X-Press Magazine, Rites of Passage: Montrealer catalogues sex in New York, by Dale Smith, February 2008

xtra, Behind the Lens: Gert Jochems on sex, secrets and his new projects, by Kandance Blaker, January 2012

xtra, La Petite Mort is Golden, by Luna Allison, July 2011 

xtra, Voyeurs, burlesquers, and queers, oh my – Ottawa’s new lounge for the mildly ‘curious’, by Samantha Everts, October 2011 

xtra, HOLY F**K 8: La Petite Mort Gallery’s annual benefit for freakin’ Alzheimer’s

2B Lifestyle Magazine, The Grit and the Glory, Jordan Arseneault, 2012, vol 10, no 6.

2B Lifestyle Magazine, Two Boys, One Garden, Jordan Arseneault, 2012, vol 10, no 5.

2B Lifestyle Magazine, A One Night Stand in Ottawa with 2B, RG & Etre, 2011

2 B Magazine- His Cup Overfloweth… Vol 9, No 5. 

2B Lifestyle Magazine, So Vain: Guy Berube on Ottawa, Artists, and that pesky porn shoot…, by Jordan Arseneault, Vol 9 No 12, January 2012

2B Lifestyle Magazine, La Petite Mort Gallery // Claiming No Mans Land: Ottawa Fashion and Art Photographer Dan Ziemkiewicz, Vol 9 No 4, c. 2011 

2B Lifestyle Magazine, Guy Berube’s Petite Mort: more than a gallery, by Jordan Arseneault, November 2011 

2B Lifestyle Magazine, James Huctwith’s Orgy: Be Part of It! by Eric Messler, September 2009 

24H News Ottawa, Who’s the user? 5 questions with Tony Fouhse, by Adrienne Ascah, September 2010 

The Ottawa Citizen, Stealth artists, by Paul Gessel, February 2004 

The Ottawa Citizen, Photographer ‘Sells Out,’ Buys Back In, by Paul Gessell, May 2004 

The Ottawa Citizen, Critic’s Pick: fine arts – Paul Gessel, August 2004, Guy Berube’s La Petite Mort Gallery: Breathless, Orgiastic pleasures at La Petite Mort Gallery, by Dale Smith, October 2005 

xtra, Heroes of 2005: Winners of the Community Achievement Awards – Guy Berube ‘Achievement in the Arts,’ November 2005 

The Ottawa Citizen, Art comes alive at La Petite Mort, by Paul Gessel, November 2005

Ottawa Magazine, Looking for art in all the wrong places, by Nichole McGill photos by Bill Grimshaw, December 2012 

Ottawa-X-Press Magazine, Death Becomes Her: fear and fantasy draw us into Ri Anderson’s morbid universe, by Dale Smith, December 2005 

The Ottawa Citizen, Haughty and naughty in a sterile environment, by Paul Gessel, June 2005 

Ottawa City Interiors, Tripping the light fantastic, by Daniel Drolet photos by Colin Rowe, 2005 

xtra, Creative Orgasm: Guy Berube grabs life and lives fully in his creativity, by Carl Stewart, 2005 

Ottawa-X-Press, Galerie La Petite Mort: Eclectisme et non-conformisme, by Line Dezainde, February 2006 

Ottawa Magazine, City Select: 24 Hours with – Guy Berube, February 2006 

2B Magazine, Visual Art is alive and well at La Petite Mort Gallery, c. 2006 

The Ottawa Citizen, In the eye of Fouhse, by Paul Gessel, April 2006 

The Ottawa Citizen, Extraordinarily erotic art, by Paul Gessell, May 2006 

Ottawa-X-Press, Sur l’oreiller, by Stephane Martin, article 16, November 2006  

La Rotonde, Guide Des Galeries Gratuites D’Ottawa, by Vanessa Lazarevie photos by Karine Desjardins, November 2011 

vie des arts, Provocation et Eclectisme // Peter Shmelzer: New Paitings, Spring 2006 

Gallery 101. Gallerie 101, James Erdeg: Here / / Tony Fouhse: There, c. 2006

There: Photographs Ton Fouhse // Fouhse in Focus, c. 2006  

Ottawa-X-Press, Arts Watch: Secret Love Child, by guy Berube, c. 2006

The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa to host big, new photo festival, by Paul Gessell, May 2007

upfront Magazine, The Ugly Issue: Art Notes, by Morgan Cook, issue #10, June 2007

Ottawa Photography Festival // Festival de la Photo d’Ottawa, September 2007 

The Ottawa Citizen, Disciples of the Street, by Paul Gessell, September 2007

The Ottawa Sun, Transgender photos gateway to freedom, by Ann Marie McQueen, September 2007 

xtra, Transgress Festival – Look into my eyes: Lynne Anderson gets very personal with trans, by Jessica Ruano, September 2007 

Les Cahiers, Paul Politis at La Petite Mort Gallery, September 2007 

Ottawa-X-Press, A New Low: photographic exhibit raises men up from the streets and places them on a pedestal, by Matt Harrison, September 2007 

xtra, How to buy art: a beginner’s guide to expressing yourself in your space, by Guy Berube, September 2007 

Centertown News, Iconic local street poet finds new fame, by Taline Bedrossian, October 2007 

Ottawa Magazine, User: portraits at Cumberland and Murray, photos by Tony Fouhse written by Justin Kingsley, October 2007 

The Ottawa Citizen, Beauty in the pain: powerful images of crack addicts leave lasting impression, by Connie Higginson-Murray, November 2007  

Guerilla, Ottawa Photography Festival // Festival de la Photo d’Ottawa, No 13 Vol 4, Fall 2007 

Applied Arts Magazine, Photography: Lynne Anderson, Vol 33 No 3, June 2008 

The Ottawa Citizen, Distorted Depictions: Caleb Speller’s study on Yousouf Karsh’s work reveals new meaning, by Caleb Speller visual by Cormac Rea

Avant-Guardian Magazine, Graffiti takes its place within the gallery art world, by Malorie Bertrand 

SPAO School of Photography Studies, Winter 2013, How A Gallery Works & New York’s Photographic Underbelly Workshops. 

SPAO School of Photography Studies, Summer 2013, Venice, London, & Santiago Workshops.

CBC Radio Interview, New Gallery in Ottawa: La Petite Mort Gallery, December 2005 

Radio Canada Interview, La Petite Mort Gallery in Ottawa (en francais), January 2006 

CBC Radio Interview, Cheryl Sourkes: Public Camera Exhibition, April 2007

CBC Radio Interview, Judith Wambera: Dolls Exhibition, August 2007 

CBC Radio Interview, Outsider Art: aliens, punks, dreams, and the trouble with people Exhibition, interview with Guy Berube and co-curator Missy Marston-Schmelzer, July 2007

Radio Canada Interview, Men: collaborative gallery exhibition in Ottawa – interview with Guy Berube, September 2007 [Part I]

Radio Canada Interview, Men: collaborative gallery exhibition in Ottawa – interview with Guy Berube, September 2007 continued [Part II]

CBC Radio Interview, User: Tony Fouhse Photography, interview with Tony Fouhse, November 2007

CBC Radio Interview, Vernacular: interview with Guy Berube, May 2007

CBC Radio Interview, Outsider Exhibition – interview with Guy Berube about Crazzy Dave, the homeless poet, April 2008

CBC Radio Interview, Small Places: Amnesty International marking 60 years since Declaration of Human Rights, La Petite Mort Gallery photo exhibition documenting poverty in and around Ottawa, November 2008

CBC Radio Interview, Interview with Clive Cretney, March 2008

CBC Radio Interview, Mindlessly Adrift: My Ottawa my streets, interview by Adrienne Hairwood

CBC Radio Interview, Holy F@ck! 5 – interview with Guy Berube and his Alzheimer’s fundraiser, August 2008

CBC Radio Interview, Lucky Numbers Exhibition – photographs by Jules de Niverville, January 2008

CBC Radio Interview, Lucky Numbers by Jules de Niverville, interview with Guy Berube about exhibition, February 2008

Carleton University Radio Programme, Juan Noria at la Petite Mort Gallery, interview with Carleton student and curator, February 2008

CBC Radio Interview, Interview with Peter Shmelzer – Bob Dylan and La Petite Mort Gallery, May 2008

CKCU 93.1 FM Interview, Interview with Theo Pelmus – exhibition at La Petite Mort Gallery and Feedback Series at SAW Video, May 2008

CKCU 93.1 FM Interview, Interview with Theo Pelmus’ One Night Stand at La Petite Mort Gallery, February 2008

CKCU 93.1 FM Interview, April and Erik: Love Shots // Interview with Tony Fouhse, interview by Susan Johnston, September 2009

CKCU 93.1 FM, Commercial on CKCU celebrating La Petite Mort Gallery fourth anniversary, October 2009

Ottawa Morning, Interview with Gwen Douglas, Permanent Collection Exhibition, July 2009

Ottawa Morning, Promotional commercial of Gwen Douglas, Permanent Collection Exhibition, July 2009

Ottawa Morning, User: Women by Tony Fouhse, interview with Tony Fouhse, May 2009 

CBC Radio Interview, Who’s Your Daddy? at La Petite Mort Gallery, interview with Guy Berube and Michelle Wilson, December 2009

CBC Radio Interview, Forced Migrations exhibition by Sherry Tompalski, October 2009

CBC Radio Interview, Interview with Osheen Harruthoonyan, March 2009  

CBC Radio Interview, Interview with Boy Scout Killers: Mike Plante, Mathieu Coates, Mark Audet, Philippe Lepage, January 2009

CKCU 93.1 FM, Commercial on CKCU promoting La Petite Mort Gallery for rental space, March 2010

Carleton University, Interview with David Hynes, interview by Vanessa Davies and Sue Johnson, April 2010

Radio Commercial for La Petite Mort Gallery, September 2011

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